Happy Christmas from the PR Hall of Fame

24 12 2008

Hope you all have a good Christmas.  For Scrubs fans out there you might want to check out this youtube video I stumbled across…

Pete x



Persil Handpuppet Plugged by Hippo

23 12 2008

Agency: Frank (source: Kate Brackenborough via email)

Brand: Persil

As we wind down for the New Year I thought I’d add in a cute animal story from last month, kindly passed on by Frank PR. They’ve used a Hippo to help them plug a hand puppet being given away with Persil.

“Head keeper, Michael Howes, was desperate to find a way to encourage the animal start eating, when he saw Gloria the Hippo being given away with Persil washing detergent during a shopping trip,” the Telegraph explains.

Slightly weird, but brilliant.



Hats also have to go off to Frank and Alton Towers (source) for this Christmas issues jump, offering free tickets to punters disappointed with the so-called ‘Crapland’ in New Forest:



Google Creates The Best Christmas Viral Ever

10 12 2008

Brand: Google (Source: Nikki Thompson, thanks!)

Sorry I’ve been away for a while on holiday in Dubai watching the world’s biggest firework display (more on that later).

There’s quite a few good stunts that need adding in here.  In the meantime (while I catch up) check out this viral from Google:


I reckon it’s the best Christmas viral of all time. Let me know if you see any Christmas virals as good!

Happy sending it on to your friends!



Robin Williams Plays Holborn

9 11 2008

Celebrity: Robin Williams

Night: The Chuckle Club (source)

Every so often a night in London will take your breath away.  Yes, it’s bloody expensive to live here and all that – but you do live in a Great City – no doubt about it.  Proof tonight was evident in Holborn.

The extraordinarily overlooked Chuckle Club at LSE, which often has the biggest and best nights on the comedy circuit, played host to Robin Williams. Yes, Robin Williams. You may have heard it here first.

I sincerely recommend checking out the Chuckle Club and signing up to the mailing list (which tipped us off that a big star was coming) – for £12 we just saw the biggest comedian in the world. Next week there’s the best ventiloquist in the world Paul Zerdin playing… he’s unbelivable too.

Join the mailing list by e-mailing: eugene@chuckleclub.com

P.S. I know I’m a total media whore for this piece on BBC News.



Hamilton: Last Lap of the Gods

3 11 2008

Sportsman: Lewis Hamilton

If you missed it last night – here’s footage of the last lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix – where is all changed on the last lap to make Lewis Hamilton World Champion. He is now on course to become Britain’s first billion dollar sportsman. You probably won’t see as thrilling a finale to a sporting event for quite sometime.

P.S. By the way – love that the freeze frame on YouTube is of the Ferrari team celebrating! Ha ha!

Obama and Palin to Star in Mercenaries 2

31 10 2008

Game: Mercenaries 2

Nice topical skin for Mercenaries 2 has been launched – you can see the full footage here.


Stephen Fry’s Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Created

31 10 2008

Brand: Ben & Jerry’s

TV: Stephen Fry in America

Celeb: Stephen Fry

Oh, this one is wonderful today. Ben  & Jerry’s have seized on an encounter with Stephen Fry to create ‘Even Stephen’s’ ice cream, named after the intellectual colossus. Fry was visiting their factory as part of his ‘Stephen Fry in America’ BBC series.

“When he first created it, Fry described the flavour as “marvellous” and said it gave “that feeling of comfort that ice-cream delivers”, PA explains.

It’s not quite clear if the ice cream will be available publicly or if this PR angle was even cleared with Fry. “Ben & Jerry’s is now sending a batch of the ice cream — called Even Stephens — to his home.” the Sun mentions.

Perhaps someone should also send a batch to Russell Brand too – ice cream’s always the ticket for when you’ve just been been dumped.


P.S. I wholeheartedly recommend Stephen Fry’s podgrams series – take a listen at www.stephenfry.com