Noel Edmonds Attacks Press Officer

10 02 2009

Celeb: Noel Edmonds (Source: @charltonbrooker)

Org: Wealden District Council (source)

You probably don’t want to get on the wrong side of Noel Edmond’s if you’re in PR. He may just read out your statement, full name, job title, suggest that the public shouldn’t have to pay your wages and that maybe you should lose your job. Ouch.

Looks like the council believe the planning application for a Royal Marine hero will affect the local environment (probably another show on Noel’s HQ) so there may *just* be two sides to every argument…

This is a must watch for all those who’ve ever worried about “not commenting on rumour or speculation.”




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10 02 2009

Probably a noble cause (don’t know the whole background) and good on Mr E doing what he can but there’s something fundamentally unpleasant about the tabloid reading baying crowds clapping on his every word…. like some kind of awful pantomime episode. Like I said, probably noble, but unpleasant to watch.

10 02 2009

I wouldn’t call it all that noble. The Press Officer is merely relating the decision of a planning officer – one who’s almost certainly following the regulations in the way one would suppose he’s supposed to. Although this is clearly a difficult case, should it be that any form of planning application handed in by someone injured in war is passed regardless of merit? Surely the people who live near war veterans have some rights? And I don’t think I’d choose Noel Edmunds and the viewers of his vitriolic show to be the arbiters of excellent planning decisions at Wealden Council if I lived there.

Milking the sympathy one receives for ostensibly supporting a man injured in war to make an entertainment show for idiots seems about as far from noble as one can get in my opinion…

10 02 2009
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10 02 2009

Noel Edmonds appears to think he is above the democratic process. Surely there are proper procedures to dispute planning decisions without having to threaten a press officer with the sack. Why doesn’t Noel just try a spot of cosmic ordering and the extension will appear.

Note to self, be careful what you say even if the caller is particularly pompous.

10 02 2009
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10 02 2009
Danny Whatmough

I find that rather disturbing. The only thing Noel Edmonds knows how to do is incite a crowd! Trial by TV is hardly ever a good thing.

11 02 2009
Footprints (10.02.09) | Chris Deary

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