Matt Smith is the New Dr. Who

3 01 2009

TV Show: Dr Who (Source: Dr. Who Confidential)

The first big PR win of 2009 has to goto the BBC for whipping up excitement on the identity of the new Dr. Who.  It’s finally announced that relative unknown Matt Smith has been chosen – weeks ago he was on 20 to 1 at the bookies for the role, so they’ll be a few people celebrating tonight!

The Beeb’s press department have done a great job of speculating on just ‘who’ it may be.  Could it be the first woman Dr. Who?  Russell T. Davies has said that he’d like Catherine Zeta-Jonesin a way that reminds me of ASDA saying they’d like Carla Bruni to promote George undies.

For the Daily Mail and other naturally non-racist publciations there was the specualtion that it could be the first Black Dr.  My word! Whatever next???

Their press department managed to keep the story as an exclusive for the BBC on the programme Dr. Who Confidential which aired tonight. Image below was under embargo…





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4 01 2009
The New Doctor Who «

[…] the BBC woosed out on us. It was leaked today that the new Doctor Who will be…. Matt Smith. This is 26 year old Matt […]

27 02 2009

How can you have bets at the bookies based on something where clearly there are individuals who know the result in advance? I don’t get it… The bookies are surely not that trusting?

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