Robin Williams Plays Holborn

9 11 2008

Celebrity: Robin Williams

Night: The Chuckle Club (source)

Every so often a night in London will take your breath away.  Yes, it’s bloody expensive to live here and all that – but you do live in a Great City – no doubt about it.  Proof tonight was evident in Holborn.

The extraordinarily overlooked Chuckle Club at LSE, which often has the biggest and best nights on the comedy circuit, played host to Robin Williams. Yes, Robin Williams. You may have heard it here first.

I sincerely recommend checking out the Chuckle Club and signing up to the mailing list (which tipped us off that a big star was coming) – for £12 we just saw the biggest comedian in the world. Next week there’s the best ventiloquist in the world Paul Zerdin playing… he’s unbelivable too.

Join the mailing list by e-mailing:

P.S. I know I’m a total media whore for this piece on BBC News.





4 responses

9 11 2008

i was there and it was a total shock

we had no idea who it would be until he walked on stage in front of the 80 or so people who were there last night

hats off to him, it was a great set and everyone was drawn in

9 11 2008

Well, that might just have been the best night of comedy in London – I was there and it was a complete surprise. Hats off to the organisers for keeping it under wraps!

9 11 2008

Caught me by surprise as well! Small comedy club and I didn’t even heckle I was so shocked!

10 11 2008

Heh your quote was in the Metro this morning too 😉

I love Paul Zerdin, thanks for the heads-up; will be trying to get in for that one.

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