Stephen Fry’s Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Created

31 10 2008

Brand: Ben & Jerry’s

TV: Stephen Fry in America

Celeb: Stephen Fry

Oh, this one is wonderful today. Ben  & Jerry’s have seized on an encounter with Stephen Fry to create ‘Even Stephen’s’ ice cream, named after the intellectual colossus. Fry was visiting their factory as part of his ‘Stephen Fry in America’ BBC series.

“When he first created it, Fry described the flavour as “marvellous” and said it gave “that feeling of comfort that ice-cream delivers”, PA explains.

It’s not quite clear if the ice cream will be available publicly or if this PR angle was even cleared with Fry. “Ben & Jerry’s is now sending a batch of the ice cream — called Even Stephens — to his home.” the Sun mentions.

Perhaps someone should also send a batch to Russell Brand too – ice cream’s always the ticket for when you’ve just been been dumped.

P.S. I wholeheartedly recommend Stephen Fry’s podgrams series – take a listen at




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