“Hang on a Minute Lads. I’ve Got a Great Idea”

29 10 2008

Org: Royal Society of Chemistry (source)

Page 3 of the Telegraph today has this brilliant piece of coverage for the Royal Society of Chemistry.  Scientists want to know what Michael Caine’s ‘idea’ would’ve been at the end of The Italian Job.

“They must assume that 30 minutes after Croker’s declaration the bus will plunge down the mountain. Mathematical calculations, a description of at least 150 words and a diagram must be included. ”

Entries must be sent to the RSC by Jan 1 and can be sent by email to edwardsj@rsc.org or by post to “Cliffhanger solution”, Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J OBA.

Well done to Jon Edwards, Brian Emsley and the team at the RSC for a brilliant PR idea that plays around very well with dates – the Periodic table was invented 1869, 100 years before the Italian job’s release and is celebrating it’s 140th birthday next year.






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29 10 2008

Thanks so much for highlighting the story Pete!

We felt it was a good way to draw attention to the economic importance of good ol’ element 79, which has seen a resurgence of interest as a safe way to invest.

Also key is the anniversary of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table, arguably one of the most important events in science history.

It’s also a bit of fun!

I hadn’t seen that Lego video, by the way – it’s nothing short of genius.

cheers, Jon

1 11 2008
Brian Emsley

Thanks for the accolade Pete. I am the PR genius behind this although I must mention Jon Edwards, who supported so ably and added some finesse to the basic concept plus a wonderfulo stick image of the tilting bus in the release. He is a PR genius in the making.

It was featured on Have I Got News For You last night so I can now die a happy man!

Brian Emsley

20 11 2008
The RSC renaissance: an Italian (Job) masterpiece | RSC Blog

[…] Telegraph, Daily Mail, Channel 4 News and on Have I Got News For You – not to mention the hallowed Pete’s PR Hall of Fame – the competition has sparked the keenest intellects in the country… and some less keen. […]

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