The Credit Crunch Winners

27 10 2008

Brand: Google

Think Tank: Happen

Every cloud has a silver lining, eh?  As we goto war with Iceland and the financial world as we know it collapses, it’s great to hear that sales of Apple Crumble and other comfort foods are up 40% year-on-year. Google has coverage today on the key upward trends.  Business is booming for safe makers as we stuff cash in something safer than Lloyds TSB and the matress from Argos.

But the most hilarious piece of positive coverage on the crunch comes today from innovation agency Happen. The financial downturn is good for our health, apparently.  27% more people are walking and cycling.  And 32% are smoking, eating and drinking less.  Being poor (and perhaps picking up your free copy of The Metro) is a good thing, concludes, er, The Metro (p5).

Meanwhile, Peter Bradshaw, in a wonderful article for The Today Programme, predicts the end of Dark Movies as cinema goers search for lighter comic relief:

“Perhaps bright and jolly films will come back into fashion and the caped crusaders will go back to zooming around in silly outfits and say things like ‘Holy Recession, Batman, our life savings in Iceland have vanished, we need to cheer this place up.’ The ‘dark’ mode may slipping away into eternal night.”




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