PRWeek Awards Countdown Begins…

21 10 2008

Brand: Simpson’s Movie, Fox UK

Agency: Beatwax

With the PRWeek awards tonight I thought some readers might be half-interested in the stunts this Blog has talked about this year:

The Red Consultancy for McAfee – McAfee Virtual Criminology Report: Global Intrigue

Trimedia for WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) – Love Food, Hate Waste

Borkowski for Cadbury Trebor Bassett – Bring Back Wispa

O2 UK – Private Sector Department fo the Year

My winner though?  The campaign which really caught the attention ran before I started this blog – infact it was the kind of stunt that made me want to set this up in the first place. Surely Beatwax’s campaign for the launch of the Simpson Movie will win tonight…?

List of full nominees:

P.S. Well done to ex-Hotwire legend Amy Holland, who’s collecting the James Maxwell Award tonight:




4 responses

21 10 2008

Hello Pete

Well many thanks for your vote of confidence – it will go some way to assuaging my disappointment if we don’t win it tonight.

I’m very proud of this campaign but a part of me thinks that we would be judged unfavourably in light of more corporate or even worthier campaigns, despite the huge impact we created with this. Ultimately, what we did was actually very funny, and as you know, PR is a very serious business.


Michael Brown, Managing Director, Beatwax

21 10 2008
Peter Bowles

No problems Michael,

It was a great campaign and hopefully the judges will recognise that a bit of sillyness goes a long way – especially if you’re promoting The Simpsons.

Best of luck for tonight, this campaign really does deserve a PRWeek Gold award.

If I’m right then you heard it here first….


22 10 2008
Ellie Springett

Love the homer campaign as a stunt, take a look at our ‘share a bath and save energy story’ for energy saving week this week, which was very funny and saucy, not really two words associated with environment. The Wear a jumper, Patio Heaters campaign had massive cut through for a tiny, tiny budget. Think what we could do if we had more money.

Ellie Springett
Head of Communications
Energy Saving Trust

23 10 2008
Peter Bowles

Thanks Ellie – and well done on your award in this category.

Shame you missed out Michael, but overall I think the Wispa campaign from Borkowski was a really worthy Winner for the Gold award.

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