Better Than Banksy?

16 10 2008

Vandal: Disgruntled Taxpayer

Source: Under investigation – costing taxes, ironically

I wouldn’t normally put criminal activity in here, but as someone who regularly passes the Giant Cheerio in Islington, I can sympathise a little with this disgruntled tax payer from Cornwall.  He (or she) felt a little hacked off that their hard earned credit-crunch council tax had been spent on a £3,000 wall for graffiti artists – and made it clear how they felt.

Sergeant Robin Moorcroft misses all irony of a wall built for graffiti artists being tagged by a local resident: “All residents were given the opportunity to raise objections during the planning process. This person could have come and spoken to us instead of committing this petty act.”

Makes you proud to be British, doesn’t it?

UPDATE – just found out the Giant Cheerio in Islington is actually a war memorial and feel slightly guilty now. On *slightly* though.




One response

16 10 2008

Ha ha love it, very arty!

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