Sex Tips and Gardening Advice from WI Promotes Sky Learning

13 10 2008

Brand: Sky

Org: Women’s Institute

Agency: Cake (source)

Sky has some great coverage today (p19 The Times) for tying up with the WI. 

A nationwide search has found six women to be ‘WI Icons’ and they’lle ach record videos offering tips on things from gardening advice, creative needlework and, er, sex advice:

“Reclining on a bed with a variety of magazines, DVDs and sexual aids in vibrant colours, Mrs Langley tells female viewers: “They come in all shapes and sizes. You may say nice girls don’t do that, but they do and they enjoy it.” She also advises how women can cope if they or their husbands go off sex. Her presentation is interspersed with cartoon characters enacting her words.”

Mmm.. not to sure about the cartoon characters bit (very high school) but this idea seems to have captured the press imagination today. Shame the Mail reported this as ‘DVDs’ missing the Sky plug though.




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