MTV Takes Rickrolling to Next Level

7 10 2008

Brand: MTV EMAs (source)

Could it be that 80s star Rick Astley could geniunly walk away with the award for Best Act Ever at this year’s MTV EMAs? The awards, held in Liverpool on November 6th, has been inundated with entries for Rick, with MTV suggesting they’ve been ‘Rickrolled.’

MTV has done a good job of publicising the online flurry of votes.  The true story, however, is that anyone can vote as many times as they like on the MTV site, with them opening themselves up for multiple votes from browser refreshes etc.  One clever fan has even managed to create an online Rickvoter to stack the odds in Rick’s favour:

Whether MTV planned this one or not remains to be seen.  But what we can tell is that they’ve made the best of the story to generate piles of press for the awards. “Rick Astley – in his first ever nomination in the history of the MTV Europe Music Awards – will compete against Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, Tokio Hotel and U2 for Best Act Ever.” their website proudly exclaims.

P.S. Apologies for the Rick Astley style hiatus.




4 responses

8 10 2008

Hi there,

I’ve been asked this question several times – am I affiliated with MTV, is this a PR stunt etc?

In hindsight it sounds like such a brilliant plan if this were true, but in reality its just a bunch of technologically savvy Rick Astley fans who know how to leverage some Internet technology/users.

Also, the nominations were never planned by MTV, we (the general collective of internet users) had a campaign going for nearly a month to get Rick Astley nominated and since MTV acknowledged the nomination as real, we (the general collective of internet users) have kicked it up a notch to try and ensure that he wins.

8 10 2008

Well there we have it – straight from the horses mouth! An internet fuelled stunt all the way.

Good luck with your campaign for Best Act Ever – I’d personally love Rick to beat U2 into the ground. The Rickvoter is GENIUS.

If you fancy going along to the event, possibly see Rick win his award you can always visit:

Not that I’m promoting Dell, or anything 😉

8 10 2008

I’m considering it actually… although the cost of the flight from Australia might price it out of affordable for me.

11 10 2008

If there is no one with a boombox playing ‘Never gonna give you up’ in the red carpet and somebody in a long coat dancing inside the venue, I’m going to be greatly disappointed.

I would go myself, but plain tickets from this side of the Atlantic and this south of the continent had go up considerable in the last year

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