Big Bang, Magic and Fashion Advice Stir Up Publicity for Science Fair

12 09 2008

Event: British Association Festival of Science (source)

If you want to learn a little more about creating science based news stories, then a good start would be to look at the publicity for the British Association’s Festival of Science, which has been held in Liverpool this week.

Aside from an ambitious attempt to recreate the Big Bang at the event, today’s papers carry two nice stories. The first is from ‘Quirkology‘ media whore Richard Wiseman, who was at the conference asking for Magic to be taught in schools. Very Harry Potter (Times p31, Mail p40)

The second has huge national coverage today – Dr. Peter Thompson has turned fashion wisdom on its head by claiming that horizontal stripes make you look slimmer, compared to horizontal stripes (Telegraph p15, Express p19, Times p4, Sun p20).

I love the Sun’s take on this one – their fashion editor, Erica Davies, is quoted – “Can we really trust the fashion advice of scientists famous for wearing corduroy trousers and frumpy jumpers?”




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