Midge Ure Plugs iPhone on BBC Breakfast

11 09 2008

Celeb: Midge Ure

Album: 10

Brand: Apple iPhone

Excitingly I received my first reply for an Ofcom complaint made against a TV show today.  The Genius of Richard Dawkins Charles Darwin on Channel 4 had some really annoying editing, with the Dawkins asking people questions, then dubbing over his own inner-monologue over their answers.  Far from showing two sides to a story (something Channel 4 were wrapped for on the Great Global Warming Scandal) the programme gave the viewer the experience on one man ranting for an hour.  I felt the programme fell down ont he exact same points the Great Global Warming Scandal did and wanted to scare C4. Ofcom, however, felt the viewer was warned enough th the programme would be bias, though they seemed to be walking a pretty fine tightrope most of the time, I would say.

TV shows have to be so careful with it incredibly easy to complain to Ofcom now – it’s having a very real effect on how PR people can get their brands on shows such as BBC Breakfast. I mentioned a little while ago that this has gone to extremes now – with presenters covering up Marmite Jars in a somewhat ludicrious manner. So it did surprise me that Midge Ure managed to get this pretty solid plug for iPhone (his new music video) on BBC Breakfast the other morning. Apparently he edited it together in  ‘a couple of hours’ – on his MacBook, I assume…





2 responses

14 01 2009

To be accurate, he wasn’t so much plugging iphone as showing how he used his to make a very low cost but effective video – something he’s been doing since Ultravox days. Whilst I’m sure Apple would be pleased (and maybe even bunging him hardware – he uses his Mac in his studio setup), I doubt they paid him to do it. Maybe I’m being naiive, but I for one didn’t take it as product placement.

15 01 2009

Thanks Kirk – Interesting that some iconic objects can slip through the net and others can’t, though. It makes adhering to the Ofcom guidelines a little adhoc. Sure Apple didn’t pay him for the plug, but he’s probably done himself no harm if he wants a little free kit in future.

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