Free Tibet Campaign Brings Down iTunes

2 09 2008

Campaign: Free Tibet

Album: Songs for Tibet

With the Olympic dust settling it’s worth looking at a few of the Games ther big winners. Aside from Rebecca Addlington boosting Jimmy Choo’s profile no end,  The Free Tibet campaign in particular has been able to use the Olympics to raise its profile, what with worldwide protests at the torch carrying ceremony, which was a bit of a PR disaster for China.

But the clever story surrounded the free album released by the Art of Peace Foundation.  Songs for Tibet, which featured tracks by most of the moody pop stars you can think of (Sting, Moby and Alanis Morissette) was put up on iTunes on August 8th. The team then did a god job of encouraging 46 athletes to download the album right from the heart of the Olympiuc village.

Outraged, China actually blocked the entire iTunes system, putting it behind the ‘great firewall of China’.  I’m sure this stunt went a little further than the Art of Peace Foundation meant it to, but it did help get them loads of press.  Bit of a tricky one for Apple though – they just launched their first iPhone store in China a month ago and are currently negotiating on an iPhone deal there.

iTunes went down for two weeks and is now back up.




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