Jade – Is it a Fake Cancer scare, thanks to Max?

29 08 2008

I’m getting asked quite a lot at the moment if I think Jade’s cancer scare, revealed (amazingly!) on Big Brother India, was a shameless attemt to gain jade sympathy and revive her bizarre career.  Hmmm… far be it from me to suggest it was faked – I think it’s time for this sites first ever poll.

“Cynics have already suggested that all is not what it seems, however. Some critics have claimed that the extent of Goody’s illness is being exaggerated in order to garner sympathy for the controversial star. Others have asked why she decided to join the show when she was awaiting the results of medical tests she had undergone earlier this month.”

Spokesman Max Clifford told Metro Online: “Those people are very sad people. This girl has cancer. Full stop. That is exactly what it is, it is not pre-cancer, it is cancer in the neck of the womb.”

He added: “I hope the people who doubt her never have to hear the news themselves one day. She had no idea. She went for a few regular tests and wouldn’t have gone on it at all if she had known.”





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