Edinburgh Fringe Festival

22 08 2008

Back from the Edinburgh Fringe festival now – Jazz has asked for a quick run down of my favourite comedians there.

Ed Byrne (****) – Agree with Jazz that he was a 4/5.  Great routine for anyone getting married – “Wedding planners?  That’s like taking all your debt repayments and rolling them into one almighty arsehole!”.  He’s still best when dissecting song lyrics though. Michael Jackson’s Thriller? “I think you’re looking for more of a *Horror* there Michael.” That was nearly as good as his analysis of Ironic

Tom Allen (***) – Camp new comedian. His story didn’t really go anywhere, but he did have a good Graham Norton-ish style that’s sure to get him a gig presenting wannabes for Lloyd Webber’s revival of ‘Cats’.

Jim Jeffries (*****) – A comedian so rude he once got punched mid-routine.  Not for the faint-hearted, but unbelievably good. See the clip of him getting his comeuppance here:





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