Lottery & Puma Strike Gold at the Olympics

18 08 2008

Org: The National Lottery

Brand: Puma

With TeamGB riding third in the Olympic table (at time of writing) the fight has begun for taking credit for the athletes success.  One organisation that has done well out of the Games is The National Lottery.  Casting our memories back to 1996, two years after the start of the Lottery, and the (disastrious) Atlanta Games a clear case can be built for the injection of Lottery funds helping to create ‘the Great Haul of China.’  The Times gives the lottery a lot of credit – putting the story front cover and p6 today.

Alongside this there has been a huge battle between Nike and Adidas to claim the Games (Guardian, p23).  Adidas has spent $190m on sponsorship, while Nike has spent $150m.  IOC rules dictate that a team can be sponsored and individual athletes can sort out their own arrangements.  Funny thing though – the real winner has been Puma.  With China’s Liu Xiang dropping out of the 110m hurdles, both Adidas (team sponsor) and Nike (personal sponsor) must have been bruised, while the extraordinary Usain Bolt pranced around the arena showing off his shiny pair of Puma gold boots. Well done to Puma for backing the real story of the competition.




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