Time for a PR Hall of Shame?

15 08 2008

Band: Buck Cherry (source)

I’ve received a few e-mails requesting me starting up a PR Hall of Shame for all the PR stunts out there that backfire. I don’t think it’s quite the place of this blog, since it’s supposed to mean something to get in here as the stunt of the day, but it’s worth a post at least.

Silly season means that some PR people think they can pull the wool over people’s eyes even more than usual.  Worst offenders this month seem to come from the music world.  Peaches Geldof’s marriage to Max Drummy was announced with a press release that has a plug for her new husband’s album “out next month”:

“They’re young, they’re crazy in love and they’ve got a soppy but heartfelt message for the world direct from the eye of the disorienting hurricane that is their romance. And that message is: Chester French’s debut album will be available in all good record shops next month, tour dates to follow,” snorts the Guardian.

U2 have managed to ‘leak’ their album on U2tube, the Sun reveals today.  Again, smells of a stunt.

But worst offenders have to be US rockers Buck Cherry. They were appalled when their new album (also out next month) was leaked on BitTorrent, releaseasing a statement, saying:

“Honestly, we hate it when this s*** happens, because we want our FANS to have any new songs first.”

A quick CNet whois search managed to track the album’s leak down the very PR person who was responding to media enquiries. Doh! Read their original release (since taken down by them) here:






3 responses

29 08 2008

Hey Pete,
I think there’s definitely scope for this. No need for a separate “Hall of Shame”…. just give us a “Hall of Horrors” posting once a week or so . If you’re looking for early nominations, how about the hideous ‘in yer face’ VISA branding around the Trafalgar Square Olympic handover party last weekend? It was all over the BBC coverage like a rash – Tut, tut…Terrible!

29 08 2008

Cheers Mirabel,

I think I might put the odd post on here now and again on this. Have to say I’m a little sceptical of Jade Goody’s Cancer scare:


I’m either a really sceptical bastard or it’s all been made up by Max Clifford… if it is made-up then it’s a pretty sad one.


4 09 2008

It’s hard to feel truly sorry for someone who claims their world is upturned by the news and they need to stay strong for their kids, when they manage to stay strong by doing interviews with every magazine that will have her. I bet her kids are really benefitting from their mother’s strength of bank balance right now.

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