Asda Take Fight to BBC 3’s Mischief

15 08 2008

Brand: ASDA

You always know you’re in a sticky situation when you get a call from a relatively unknown comedian trying to get their product stocked on your shelves. It’s always one for an inhouse team to umm and ahhh over.  ‘Do we really want to be on the new Brass Eye equivalent?’ they have to ask themselves.

Fortunately ASDA weren’t exactly up against Chris Morris.  As the only supermarket to get back to Alex Riley’s Mischief show they sent in a star performer to test out Alex’s awful ‘ Mr. Riley’s Pies.’  “Hmmm… do I have to eat it?” he asked.  “Have to take a look around you, look where you are, mate – this is ASDA Brands… only the highest quality food makes it onto our shelves.”  ASDA doesn’t come out half bad.

Mind you I might be checking ingrediants a little more carefully from now on.  Slightly worrying that E124 (which was in the UK’s Crazy Skittles) is actually banned in the US and Norway.




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