Cuil Becomes a Google-Killer Thanks to the Power of PR

29 07 2008

Brand: Cuil (source)

Agency: Manning Selvage & Lee

The Blog PR community has been feverish about the launch of Cuil – tauted by press as ‘a Google-Killer’ (yawn). One blogger goes onto ask – Wow, How Did Cuil Get So Much Publicity on Day 1?!

Well here’s my hacked up answer:

1. Timing– let’s face it, we’re pretty bored of Google, aren’t we?

2.  The guys who set it up are Ex-Google, giving the press a nice ‘Son of Google’ story.

3.  It’s the revival story from the Seven Basic plots – my Bible for PR stories.

4.  Conflict– the press were happy to say Cuil is a Google-Killer.  See other things such as BlackBerry-Killer, iPhone-Killer, etc. etc.

5.  Ridiculous figure– Cuil scared the hell out of Google by announcing triple the number of pages indexed. I once launched  a brand called Webaroo who claimed to have a way of downloading the Internet. This also created press.  See and–no–google-afraid-of-cuils-press-releases–hell-yeah.

It’s failed one test though – this blog is nowhere to be seen on it. Shame on you, Cuil!

Not as Cuil as you think you are!





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