Fit Women Have Better Sex

23 07 2008

Brand: The PelvicToner (source)

Mary Cowlett at PRWeek wrote an interesting article the other week on the pointless ‘weeks’ that PR Agencies make up.  But if ever there’s proof that this tactic actually works, its the coverage today for National Orgasm Week – a ruse to promote The PelvicToner.

Cleverly sidestepping their product by directing people to a ‘Orgasm survey’ website, PelvicToner have found via their ongoing survey that fitter women have better sex.

“The PelvicTonertm vaginal exerciser provides the perfect feedback that you are using the correct muscles because it will only close when you squeeze the vaginal muscles,” the website tells us. Ooo er.

Page 7 of The Sun today. They might want to give the Sun online a buzz, get the link to the website fixed though. UPDATE: That link has been fixed now – I give full credit to this blog, naturally.




One response

26 07 2008
Barry Fowler

Hi Pete
Glad you were impressed!
You’d be amazed how difficult it has been to get publicity for a product primarily designed to alleviate stress incontinence. Not a very sexy proposition, because SI remains one of the big taboos even though it affects a third of new mums and half of all women.
For over six years we have been unable to get editors to take the topic on board and recognise that we really do have something new to offer.
Luckily better sex is a side benefit of doing proper exercises, which are only possible with a resistance exerciser like the PelvicToner.
So hey ho, sex sells, or so we thought.
A number better sex stories and case studies and following up nonsense press coverage about Female Sexual Dysfunction, disappearing G-spots and G-spot injectiobs came to nought.
And then I dreamed up the world’s largest survey of the female orgasm. Even that didn’t get any publicity despite an extensive European wide PR campaign. Until we partnered with Scarlet magazine we had only 500 respondents.
Thanks to Scarlet’s help we had a respectable 2000 views by our deadline and now, with National Orgasm Day looming, we are rocking and rolling. The survey has been picked up by bloggers around the world.
We even made MSN India’s home page within hours of the sun-online article.
They say all publicity is good publicity, but I’m just grateful for any publicity. You wouldn’t believe that it would be so hard to publicise better sex!
I am delighted to have made your day and I much appreciate the accolade. May we go down in the annals of history as the week when PR finally reached a climax!
I am Sir, your humble servant etc etc


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