Sven Lookalike ‘Fakes It’ to Boost Profile

18 07 2008

‘Celeb’: Derek Williams (Sven Lookalike)

What do you do if you’re a football manager lookalike and your manager goes to off to be the boss of the Mexico national team?

Simple: you contact Record, a mexican sports newspaper to look after you, fake some documents from the Mexican Football Association, fly to Mexico, hire some bodyguards and WAGs and get them to ride you around in a blacked out Chevrot.  You then goto the match of a local team (the Pumas) and chat to the press in English.

Front cover of the Guardian, BBC Breakfast, coverage in pretty much every paper and a debate on Sky News.  Derek – your lookalikey career is well and truly back on track, sir. Take a look at his site here – it’s brilliant:




3 responses

23 12 2008

Well.., err, your report is a little inacurate in accepting the lies of one disgruntled press hack who was totally taken in by me and was a complete ar*e licker until all was revealed….
This was just another PAID assignment for me and the incident at the Olympic Stadium was only a minor one of dozens all around Mexico City that filled a couple of edditions of the RECORD newspaper and ended up as a prime time special feature for Aztecca TV the following Saturday. The TV film of my whole amazing adventure finally put the lie to all the nonsense about faked papers and forged passes etc. All good fun and no embarrassment or harm intended or afforded to anyone.
Far from struggling in my show business career, I am as popular as ever and you may wish to look out for me in the Disney Studio movie “Goal!3” in the Spring and in a few other UK TV projects coming up…
Best wishes to you and yours. Merry Xmas and a happy new year.
Svenalike Derek Williams
(PS: several clips from Mexico on my Youtube Channel plus other TV work)

24 12 2008

Hi Derek – Thanks for setting the record straight here. I loved your stunt this year – it was covered everywhere over here. All the best for 2009! Pete

24 12 2008

Thanks Pete.
ALL publicity is “good” publicity and the extraordinary world wide coverage further raised my profile as a professional actor and entertainer, but I have a good reputation and I’m very happy that many/most journals did publish and acknowlege the falsehood of the story of “my fading career” and my activities being “disrespectful” to Sven and the Mexican football federation have been partially laid to rest…
Have a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous new year my friend and maybe watch out for the further televised adventures of “Sven”?

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