Sophos Spot Facebook Fraud

17 07 2008

Brand: Sophos (source)

Not to be outdone by McAfee, Sophos have gone after Facebook, with news that the site revealed people’s dates of birth publically yesterday in a bit of an ID Fraud slip up. Credit goes to Graham Cluley at Sophos who claims he spotted the security breach on Monday night:

“I was shocked to see people’s full date of birth revealed, even though I knew they had their privacy set up correctly to supposedly hide the information.”

“It’s essential that users of social networks should have confidence that their privacy will be protected – and it’s especially important with information like your date of birth, which can be a golden nugget for a committed identity thief.”

Really nice press section on their site, which includes a YouTube video of the problem:




One response

17 07 2008
Graham Cluley

Glad you liked the Facebook video and the press section of the Sophos website, Pete!

We do try and make it easy for people who work in the media to use, and YouTube certainly helps demonstrate sometimes complicated computer security stories more easily.

Anyway, I feel honoured to have been singled out for praise on this occasion – especially by someone who works for “the other guys”. 🙂


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