Oxo Trims Ingredients Off the Shopping List

8 07 2008

Brand: Oxo

I remember an old colleague once comparing PR to Advertising saying that in Advertising you can come up with your central concept and keep that for years and years, where as in PR you have to constantly come up with new ideas to generate press.  He cited the example of the Oxo family – a simple concept which did the rounds for years on TV.  For all the yellow pencils and ponceyness of the Ad world, PR, he argued, could sometimes be seen as using far more creative muscle.

So it’s interesting today to see what a piece of PR for Oxo may look like.  In a clever piece reaching out to Middle Britain they’ve compared how many ingredients it takes to make the same thing in 2008 to 1958.  It’s sort of a bit like a PR version of the super sizers programme and has worked very well.  Coverage across Mail, Express, and Telegraph and deservedly so.

They now need to just get with the times and actually have a working website:






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