Custard Creams Make It into Oxford English Dictionary

3 07 2008

Brand: Concise Oxford English Dictionary

Many moon’s ago I tried (unsuccessfully I think) to get BlackBerry put into the dictionary.  I said it had become a verb ‘ to BlackBerry someone’, meaning to send them a mobile e-mail.  Oxford English Dictionary were actually fairly receptive to the idea – they know that sticking things in from the cultural geist sells more of the blasted things.  I was also behind a bizarre campaign once to get Little Britain’s ‘yeah but no but’ put into the dictionary (also unsuccessful):

Well done, then, to Oxford English Dictionary for ‘deciding’ that it was time that custard cream made it in there.  Today’s editions seem to be a very conscious PR effort, with a mix of british items, celebrity culture (sleb making it in there) and topical words (sub-prime).  I’m still waiting to get a word in there… one day, oh yes, I will have changed the English language through the wonders of PR.




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