McAfee Experiment Monitors Worldwide Spam Intake

2 07 2008

Brand: McAfee

Agency: The Red Consultancy

Good to add Red in here today (I guess I have to point out I work for them, at this point).

The McAfee team’s done really well with a ‘super spam me’ experiment.  It’s a great example of how to do a nice small experiment with a brand which spends a fortune on research.  The FT (p5) explains:

“The survey was conducted by 50 volunteers across 10 different countries for 30 days. Each was given a new, unprotected laptop and a fresh e-mail address.”

The research showed that Britain comes just behind the US for the amount of spam we receive, getting the popular Nigerian e-mail asking for money.  McAfee CEO Dave DeWalt is quoted everywhere (it was yesterday’s main story BBC News online).

“It is such an immense problem and it’s never going to go away. It’s no longer a question of solving it but one of managing it,” he explains.

The trial marked the 30th anniversary of the first spam e-mail, sent by a Californian electronics company in 1978.




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