Brits Abroad Can’t Live Without Their Marmite

17 06 2008

Brand: Food From Britain

Agency: Storm Communications (Source: E-mail from Lizzy Hawkins at Food For Britain)

It’s been a fairly quiet day today – Nell McAndrew promoting potatoes (Mirror p36, Star p25) and a new more fuel efficient Honda (Mail p38, Mirror p11) doing ok.  The bigger story has been from Food For Britain, an organisation which promotes traditional British food abroad.

They did great yesterday with a piece saying Poles are sending Marmite, Weetabix and Bovril back home.  Today the piece made it onto BBC Breakfast with the presenters desperately trying to conceil a Marmite jar, thanks to Ofcom:

 “Consumers there have an increasing disposable income and can afford many premium-brand products. And there is certainly an element of Poles returning from the UK with a knowledge and appreciation of British brands,” Chris Brockman, of Food from Britain, explained.




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