Sheilas Jump on Wii Fit

16 06 2008

Brand: Sheilas Wheels

Agency: Mischief PR (source)

Sheilas Wheels have done well at ther weekend and today (Mail p9) with news that working out in the home could cause over £20 million worth of damage in UK households. They have rather cleverly jumped on the back of the success of Wii Fit to make their point – highly topical in a week that has seen an ad agency boost their profile by creating the cheeky “why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit,” YouTube viral.

“Women polled admitted they had caused an average of £6.55 worth of damage to their homes in the last year with over-enthusiastic work-outs. That figure equates to a national bill of £20.1 million,” explains the Telegraph.

It’s a good example of clever maths in PR too: it shows how a small figure (just over a fiver per year) can add up to a good news story when it’s multiplied by 3 million UK homes.




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