Tea Bags Hit a Century

13 06 2008

Brand: Tetley (source)

Away from the mad world of politics, the biggest PR story today is the 100th birthday of the Tea Bag.

Tetley have made sure that it is their brand that is associated with the milestone.  Their spokesperson Sara Howe is quoted in The Sun (p22)  and The Mirror (p31) and the broadsheets (Times p9, Telegraph p13 and Mail p3) carry this retro Tetley bag.  She’s also done a good job of conveying ‘the struggle’ of getting people to adopt the new bag:

“Persuading the British to change their tea-drinking habits from loose tea to teabags was never going to be easy,” Sara explains.

“When Tetley introduced the teabag the adverts were quite simple: teabags were the new quick and easy way to make a delicious cup of tea for only one penny.

“It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without the teabag. Somehow getting up in time to measure the tea leaves, brew the tea, strain it and clear away the tea leaves from the sink afterwards does not have the same appeal.”





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