Oldest TV with Digital Upstages iPhone Launch

10 06 2008

Org: Digital UK

Agency: Weber Shandwick?

Ok, so this is a lie.  The new iPhone 3G is everywhere today, oddly making p9 in The Telegraph, Sun and Guardian. But I felt it was a pretty lackluster annoucnement – by the time of the conference we knew most of the details already.  A new iPhopne would launch with 3G, apps would be opened up, BlackBerry style e-mail would be there and GPS chips would be installed.  The camera still seems to be 2 megapixel (which will make some despair) so we actually learned little new yesterday.  But it is still one of my favourite gadgets of all time.


So instead of the story of the day going to Apple, I spotted this on p32 of the Express – someone converting the oldest TV in the UK over to digital.  Really nice piece, very on message and reaching the key audiences of Daily Mail and Express readers who will likely be the last to switch over as we near the anlogue signal being switched off.

Good photocall of owner Richard Howard reading the old radio times too.





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