Fern’s Apology Video

3 06 2008

Celeb: Fern Britton

A few of us in the office just had to tune in to This Morning to see what Fern Britton had to say following Sunday’s New of the World, which screamed “Fern’s big fat lie”:


The poor lady was exposed as a cheat for harking on about fitness etc. (and making her own fitness video) when in reality she’d had a gastric band fitted to reduce her appetite. I think most people would feel pretty mortified if they had to suffer the same level of exposure though – with magazine’s printing old bikini photos of you etc.

Fern’s apology is interesting.  I’m fairly sure she was well aware she could cash in on the very ‘body image trend’ she seems surprised has ‘become such a big thing’ recently – celebs do get paid fortunes from marketing budgets for such for endorsements.

There’s a bit in the middle where she seems to lose it a-la-Heather-Mills a little, but she gets things back on track by the end of it.  I particularly liked the jokes and the little thank you to “the mum’s for not judging me when I dropped the kids off at school.” A nice subtle way of speaking directly to your audience…

Watch the full video here and feel free to add your comments – did Fern really mislead the public that much? We still love her really though, don’t we?:





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