How Coldplay can Change the Tune of your Chardonnay

14 05 2008

Brand: Aurelio Montes

Chilean winemaker Aurelio Montes has a good piece today on how listening to music can change the taste of the wine you’re drinking (p14 Telegraph, BBC Breakfast News).

Prof Adrian North, of Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh explains, “The research showed that when a powerful, heavy piece of music is heard, a wine such as cabernet sauvignon is perceived as being 60 per cent more powerful, rich and robust than when no music is heard.”

Atomic by Blondie goes well with a f**king Merlot and Hendrix is good for a 2006 Chilean.

“The study was conducted with Aurelio Montes, who incorporate music in the winemaking process.” The Telegraph tells us. The Times suggests Montes may take this one step further and even add music recommendations to their wine labels. I’d love to see the day when UB40 is stamped on a bottle of Pinotage.




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