Travelodge Signals Death Knell of the Alarm Clock

13 05 2008

Brand: Travelodge

Shakila Ahmed, head of consumer PR at Travelodge, has a great profile in this week’s PRWeek.  She is gushingly described as ‘the ideas generator’ and talks at length about how ideas can drive great PR. 

“It seems to happen when I’m relaxed: like when I’m in the shower and when I’m driving.  I never switch off.  When I was on the beach, I was still thinking ‘Ooh, that’s a good idea.”

As if to prove the point today Travelodge has a piece front cover of The Telegraph signalling the death of the traditional Alarm clock.  The aghast Daily Mail carries the full story on p13: “Time is nearly up for the alarm clock as Britons choose gadgets such as MP3 players or mobile phones to wake them.”

70% of us regard old-style alarm clocks as obsolete, according to Leigh MaCarron, the company’s ‘director of sleep.’ Lovely piece that, er, ‘rings true’.




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