Hamilton Roped Into God-like Status

9 05 2008

Brand: Vodafone

Show: Fire of Anatolia

Celeb: Lewis Hamilton

I’ve really ummed and ahhed about entering this one into the PR Hall of Fame.  Lewis Hamilton has got great coverage (The Times p5, Express backpage & p77, Sun p61) today for Vodafone’s sponsorship of the Fire of Anatolia stage production.  But at what price?

The TImes explains, “in the pantheon of ridiculous publicity stunts, it may rate among the greatest.”  But Edward Gorman goes onto say, “it would be hard to imagine stars such as David Beckham or Tiger Woods agreeing to such a stunt.”

As a Hamilton and McLaren fan I’m a bit perplexed by this one – with access to one of the true greats, surely Vodafone could have organised a stunt with a little more dignity.  I’m going to throw this one out to the floor – do you think this slightly cringe-worthy stunt deserves to be in here?





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