Dutch Courage Studied

30 04 2008

GTA IV is the big winner today across the press, although it’s slightly marred by a person being stabbed in a que collecting their copy. Over 100 people saw the incident, most thought it was “a publicity stunt” for the game.  What a cynical age we live in! Since I’m mentioning videogames it’s good to point out that Nintendo Wii Fit is also available at all good stockists for £69.99.

Other than GTA (and the legendary Wii Fit) I quite like that there’s been a study into ‘Dutch Courage.’  So far I’ve only seen this in the Telegraph (frontpage though) but it’s rather nice spin on ‘the evils of alcohol’ from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse. It would’ve been nice for the tabloids if they could’ve found out if alcohol helps you chat up hot members of the opposite sex too… although that would’ve been a bit too positive for an anti-alcohol group I assume.





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