What Women Specifically Want

29 04 2008

Brand: More Magazine

Agency: De Vere Media (source: Lisa Smosarski)

Tesco has the greatest showing in today’s press with news of being the first supermarket to adopt labels which show the carbon footprint of food.  An interesting study might be for someone to find out how far the labels have to move, how they biodegrade etc. so we can work out how eco the eco labels actually are (!).

But another story caught my eye too.  A good survey has done the rounds (Mail p9) outlining what women want from a husband.  To be honest we’ve all seen this story a thousand times before (Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes) but what makes this nice is that they’ve drilled down into the data.  “To be specific, she’d like to marry a man called James, who earns at least £25,000, by the time she’s 25,” the Mail explains.

A nice quote from editor Lisa Smosarski rounds off the piece: “The idea that women want an endless string of serial relationships which never end is way off the mark,” she sings to the choir of the Mail.





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