Asda Court Carla for George Range

22 04 2008

Brand: ASDA

£4 for a shirt.  £2 for a pair of knickers.  £1 for a towel.  Obviously your brand is a little more Carla Bruni than Coleen McLoughlin.  This a great win for ASDA in today’s press (Sun p3, Mail p18. Metro p23), elevating their George brand way beyond its social standing.  Their contract with Coleen has obviously lapsed, so in a great PR move they written their wishlist for the new campaign. “Amoung the names being considered is Carla Bruni. She’s very attractive,” notices Asda spokesperson Ed Watson.  “We feel she would fit in very well with the George look.”  Other names touted, just to cover their bases, include Joanna Lumley, Dame Helen Mirren and Elle MacPherson. As for Carla… she may be a little too busy with, er, her contracts for Dior, Versace and Chanel.




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22 04 2008

I think you should be the new face of Asda – you’re so hot right now

3 01 2009
Matt Smith is the New Dr. Who « Pete’s PR Hall of Fame

[…] The Beeb’s press department have done a great job of speculating on just ‘who’ it may be.  Could it be the first woman Dr. Who?  Russell T. Davies has said that he’d like Catherine Zeta-Jonesin a way that reminds me of ASDA saying they’d like Carla Bruni to promote George undies. […]

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