Weekly Viral – Terminal 5 Blues Hit

18 04 2008

Band: Roguetune (source)

People: Andy Baynes & Tim Soong

Poor BA. Not only are they going through huge crisis PR, but they really could do without people like Andy Baynes and TIm Soong from ‘Duran Duran on Acid!’ coming up with new, creative ways, to complain. “TIm Soong’s wedding plans were thrown into disarray when BA lost his luggage… for his wedding in Italy,” the Express (p27) tells us. A little upset his best man Andy Baynes went further than the standard letter of complaint, filming this video, reminicent of the ‘Facebook anthem’ to express his displeasure:


It’s everywhere today – Andy has just been interviewed on BBC Breakfast News and has been given a full 5 minutes to express his displeasure with BA. What make this even more genius is that the luggage was lost a year ago – before T5 even opened. “Why make the video now?” Breakfast asked. “We felt their pain,” Andy replied, with a glint in his eye.




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