The Ultimate Understudy

17 04 2008

Brand: P&O Ferries (source)

Picture the scene. You work for P&O and are just about to launch the 116,000-ton, £300m Ventura cruise liner. But with two weeks to go you get a call from Buck house. “Sorry the Duke of Edinburgh’s been taken ill… The Queen’s not too sure if she’ll be around to launch your new ship.” I’m not saying this did happen… but it sounds like the sort of nightmare problem you can run into with days to spare before a huge launch event.

Step in Her Ma’am II – my fellow Essex chum Dame Helen Mirren. In the same way that Cheryl Tweedy is sort-of ‘Posh-lite’, close your eyes for a second and Dame Helen is now a pretty good stand in for The Queen. Who knows how much P&O paid her… but she’s pretty much the only person who can step into the Monarch’s shoes now (Charles included).

Look! I\'ll even wear a silly hat - wouldn\'t catch Queenie doing that now, would you?




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