Banksy Smartie Artwork Brings Back Blue

16 04 2008

Brand: Smarties

Agency: Frank PR (source)

The Golden ticket for flogging more chocolate over the past year has revolved around one genius PR plan – take an old favourite and bring it back, and it’ll be bigger than ever (ok, exactly the same). Never have I seen so much stock for Wispa than last September, when a supposed ‘facebook campaign’ from Borkowski revived the brand. Locked away for years in a darkened prison you could almost hear Wispa shake off it’s chains and shout for joy like Andy Dufresne himself.

Today it’s the turn of Nestle and my old Photon buddies (well, I went to a good party with them once) at Frank PR with their ‘blue is back’ campaign for Smarties. Hiring food artist Prudence Emma Staite, they’ve recreated eleven pieces of artwork to “celebrate the return of the blue smartie.” Nice touch to do man of the moment Banksy too. With the blue smartie only away for two years, chocolate manufacturers across the land must be wondering what they can drop for a little while, only to triumphantly bring back in 2010.

Smarties do Banksy




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