Dr Who Teleports to The Proms

10 04 2008

Sci-fi seems to have had a big influence on the papers today with news that there will be a special Dr. Who performance at this year’s Proms. You can imagine the BBC production meeting, “we need to broaden the appeal of The Proms… mmm… how do we do it… what do we have that people actually watch… mmm… I know! Let’s throw in a few Darleks.”

But it’s a good idea, has got them loads of coverage and will certainly broaden the appeal of the Proms to a younger audience. Perhaps a bolder move would’ve been doing some prom versions of classic video games though. Last year I saw Video Games Live perform in Hammersmith – it’s a truly great celebration of some of the (now very well composed music) featured on consoles across the land.





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