Timely Tragedy for TV’s Trisha (and more alliteration)

9 04 2008

Bit of a controversial one today – using a personal tragedy to help put the word out about your new autobiography. Trisha Goddard is everywhere today with the sad news that she has breast cancer. But delving slightly behind the headlines we can see that her new book out “As I Am” hits the shops next week.

Obviously it is sad news and we wish her all the best with the operation, but I do have a PR Hall of Fame duty to point out that no-one knows how much a Tragedy sells as much as a talk show host. Trisha has a huge double-page spread in the Express today and this quote from the Telegraph is very diplomatic: “The diagnosis came in the middle of promotional duties for Goddard’s autobiography, Trisha, As I Am, which goes on sale next Monday.” Am I being a little too cyncial? Feel free to add a comment and let me know what you think.

New Book Out Monday






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23 06 2008
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[…] won’t sustain till then?  Perhaps they’ve jumped the gun timing wise… Trisha (reported here) was much more slick when she did hers, reaching no.1 in the book […]

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