Devon Report Illustrates Class Divide

1 04 2008

Org: Devon Country Coucil

A report by Devon County Council has been picked up by a lot of the papers today – it’s in The Sun (p22), Telegraph & Mail.

A good example of a ‘so ludicrious it could be an April Fool’ (see also -‘Cold War Warmed by Chickens’ from 2004) the report explains the class divide in the west country. Residents on different sides of the same street, Cleeve Drive, have a 12 year gap in life expectancy. Some lovely quotes from the residents have been taken too: “I’ve just lost 12 years of my life. I’m devastated,” explained Barry Judge.

Dead End Street

Honourable Mention

Org: The Old Vic

Celebrity: Kevin Spacey

I wondered when some of the other big names in theatre land might point out that ‘how do you solve a problem’ et al. were just huge plugs for Andrew Lloyd Webber productions. “Where’s our 13 week plug?” Spacey asks. You can book tickets for Kevin’s new play Speed-the-plow by calling 0870 060 6628.





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