Nomophobia – New Phobia Created

31 03 2008
Org: Post Office
Agency: 3-Monkeys (source)
The Daily Mail has a new phobia for us today. “More than 13million Britons” apparently suffer from “the fear of being out of mobile phone contact.” This new affiction has been given the name nomophobia. Has a good showing in The Independent, Mail and Metro.




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31 03 2008
Jen Andersson

Are you worried about the effects of nomophobia?

So from reading this story that 53 per cent of us suffer from nomophobia, i feel i should try and make all you ‘nomophobics’ relax a little… 😉 There are alternatives, one being ZYB, a free back-up service that will give you peace of mind that your contacts, calendar dates and text messages are backed up safely.

By signing up, you can securely back-up your text messages, photos, calendar events and contacts to, where you can manage your content or share it with friends. Not only that, but the data can be easily transferred to another mobile phone, irrespective of the operator or phone brand which is what you need if you are unlucky enough to have lost or misplaced your phone or simply forgotten it…

and……..breath…! 🙂

9 04 2008

Isn’t it funny that emoticons are totally ineffective at making a cynical sales pitch more palatable.

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