Google Goes Black But Links to Error Message

29 03 2008

Org: Earth Hour – Climate Savers Computing Initiative

Brand: Google (source)

In David A. Vise’s excellent ‘The Google Story’ he explains the reason Google are so loathed to tamper with their homepage.  Everyday the founders recieve an e-mail with just a number in it. They couldn’t work out what it meant for a while, but eventually worked out that a Google fan was monitoring the number of words on the homepage and keeping them in check.

Said fan would have had a flip today, as the entire homepage has gone Black to highlight Earth Hour.  I think it’s a bold move and a great way of correcting an urban legend that is out there by Blackle – a Black custom search version of Google claiming to save huge amounts of electricity for it’s users.  Not so, say Google, a screen monitor uses the same amount of juice nomatter what colour is on the screen (makes sense if you really think about it).  In one full swoop an Environmental myth has been exposed by the world’s largest search engine.  Now we just have to wait for the trash vortex to be picked apart too…

Google Black

Ironically the top links on Google for the Climate Savers Computing Initiative on Google, including the press room, return an error. Brilliant!

Climate top link

Climate not found



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