Magazines vs. Books Win for Year of Reading / Piczo

27 03 2008

Org: National Year of Reading – National Literacy Trust

Agency: Blue Rubicon (source)

Brand: Piczo

Agency: Hotwire

Ok, first up, have to declare an interest in this one since I currently work at Hotwire and have been involved with the Piczo account (although I had not nothing to do with this one directly!). But I wanted to flag this story because a) it’s got a great showing in today’s papers (Mail, Guardian, Metro etc.) and because b) it’s a good example of how two agencies can work together to get great coverage for their clients.

Piczo is one of the world’s largest social networks – in 2005 it was the UK’s fastest growing website, period. It has a huge audience of millions of the UK’s teens and can easily tap it’s members for survey results. Infact the site has many members who are very willing to be asked all sorts of questions for survey’s – so they are perfect to work with if you suddenly need to check the pulse of the nation’s teens.

Mags vs. Books,,2268229,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=media

Charities like the National Literacy Trust really don’t want to spend their hard earned cash on survey’s, whilst social networking sites like Piczo need to tie up with groups that will add authority and Britishness to their sites. A good example of how a tie-up can generate great publicity all round.




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