The Real British Entreprener

26 03 2008

Brand: Virgin Media

Agency: Ptarmigan PR (source)

With the return of The Apprentice, ‘Sir Alan’ seems to be in the ‘Google’ phase of his career, where he can seemingly do no wrong. “Ear, me old mucca,” he might say, “apples and pears shine outta my arse!” We’ve had ‘Alan’s a sweetie,’ ‘Alan says women are more likely to discriminate‘ and “Alan bored of ‘Fired’ catchphrase.’

Virgin Media have opportunistically piggybacked off the return of the Apprentice with a nice piece in today’s Daily Star (p26) saying that “a new breed of teen tycoons is cashing in on the Internet and earning up to £60,000 a year.” Virgin media’s head of marketing, James Kydd is quoted, saying “It’s great to see young people honing their entrepreneurial skills and planning the businesses of the future, mirroring Sir Richard Branson who founded The Virgin group. With Virgin media’s superfast, safe and reliable broadband, we provide all the services they need.”

It’s a great idea for them to start a young entrepreneur competition , with Sir Rich judging. He is surely Britain’s No.1 Celebrity Entrepreneur – the only question I have when I see pieces like this is why, oh why, did he not take the gig to do The Apprentice in the first place?

Tim Campbell

Honourable Mention: Obama a distant cousin of Bush

Org: The New England Historic Genealogical Society

You’ve got to love this story too…





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