Pick a Spokesperson, Any Spokesperson

24 03 2008

Body: Institute for Public Policy Research (source)

The IPPR has a good showing across the media today (GMTV, Mail, Telegraph, Mirror) with a report warning that a generation of children are being raised online and exposed to nasty things like Porn and Video game violence. 20 hours a week (surely eating into the time kids used to spend infront of the TV) is the figure the IPPR report finds kids spend surfing around, exposing themselves to the various evils of the world.


Alongside the serious lobbying message from report author Kay Withers, the IPPR have teamed up with TV Psychologist and presenter of ‘the House of the Tiny Tearwaways’ Dr. Tanya Byron to front the story for the tabloids. Her involvement with the research, which is also described as ‘the Byron report’, seems so strong that the Mirror’s piece gets a little confused over who is behind the report. The full findings of the study will be released next month.

Dr. Tanya Byron





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