23 03 2008

Brand: eBay

Well they say there’s no such thing as a new idea and all that. This week eBay’s been in the press with two stories that we’ve all seen before. On Wednesday we had the Great Illinois Cornflake (see also ‘Virgin Mary on Toast’) and today we’re reading about a man who’s put his entire life on eBay – a stunt well documented in 2002 on

These may, or may not, be PR stunts for the brand – after all, eBay does tend to attract the kind of nutters who want to put any old thing up for sale. Just visit any car boot sale and you’ll meet loads of people who are prepared to spend their Sunday’s selling their lives for a shiny 20p coin. They are, however, great proof that the press has a very short memory and that as long as the stories are entertaining enough and at the right time (Easter Monday is traditionally a big Car Boot sale day) they may still get a lot of pick-up.

Anyone fancy bidding on my Brilliant Basildon Coco Pop?

Coco Pop




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