The comeback to end them all?

16 03 2008

Celeb: Michael Jackson

Unconfirmed Credit: Davis, Bain & Associates Inc.

Quote: “After all, not even Lazarus knew how to moonwalk.”

With 2008 providing us with the earliest Easter we’ll ever see in our lifetime (the only possible earlier date will be in 2285) it seems fitting that today’s Observer moots the possibility of Michael Jackson’s resurrection whilst his crucifixion still remains relatively fresh in the memory. Complete with a messianic front cover, Elizabeth Day explores if now is the right time for the former King of Pop to reclaim his throne.

Resurrection of Michael Jackson

I seem to remember similar pieces last year for Take That and let’s face it, a comeback in the pop arena is no new thing. The next year or so could be an interesting one for Michael Jackson fans – but only if he stops acting the diva and takes the advice of his marketing team. In 2001 he alledgely turned his back on their hard work with Justin Timberlake becoming the soul beneficiary of the Neptunes at the peak of their production powers.

By the sounds of the article Jackson is under huge financial pressure to get back into the game. If the former idol can takes the canny advice of his team and gears himself up for a proper world tour, complete with an O2 residency to rival Prince’s last year, we could indeed see the revival of pop legend.

And Another Thing: Check out this video of Thiller made with Lego…




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